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EDC Bowie Knife Blank

  • 7499

Tempered high carbon steel (1080/1095) knife blank ready to be assembled. 6 inch blade, approximately 8 inches overall. Available as knife blank only or as a complete DIY kit with handle and sheath materials included. Blade profile is that of a Bowie Knife.

Knife Kit Includes: 
Pre-tempered and ground knife blade blank
Basic handle material (ash or oak) (2 pieces)
Pre-cut and punched leather sheath and strap.
Brass pins, rivets, and artificial sinew for stitching.

(exotic woods, stabilized woods or synthetic handle materials are available at additional cost upon request). Email

What you will need: 
Wood Saw or Rasp, Drill with 1/8 bit, Hammer, Large Sewing Needle, Sandpaper, Epoxy 

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