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Back in 2002 a group of medieval enthusiasts sat down with a 100lb roll of 16 gauge wire, setting out on the daunting task of creating a suit of chainmail. At the time it was almost impossible to find commercially available weapons and armor, forcing enthusiasts to build their own. Doing so meant wire, lots and lots of wire, and hard work. As work progressed on the first hauberk (chain shirt) other practicing sword fighters showed interest in pieces of their own. Thus Dark Age Creations was born.

Fast forward almost a decade later and much has changed. Western Martial Arts and Medieval history have become extremely popular. Hundreds of organizations meet at thousands of conventions, events, fairs and shows each year in Canada. The demand for our products has never been higher, DAC has branched out from its had crafted armor, weapons and accessories to include quality hand picked products from Canada, the United Kingdom, the US, Japan, and many other countries. DAC is proud to supply these quality products along with its hand made goods that formed the back bone of our company years ago.

Our team

Jamie Ripley - President -
Layne Visser - Chainmail, Blade & Leather Smith -
Crystal Berry - Bower, Fletcher & Instructor  -
Tessa Hatheway - Trade Show Sales -                                 

Show Room Address : 

Address : 508 42nd Avenue SE Calgary Alberta 

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Mon-Sat:  11am to 7pm  
Sunday 11 am to 2 pm.***** 
*****(Basic Intro Classes run at 2pm - 5pm most Weekendds, The show room will typically be closed during lessons times .For more information or an upcoming schedule click the "Sword Lessons" Tab above)   

General Inquires -

Office : 403.719.0913

Fax : 403.770.8537 

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